MOQ | Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order for all products is 500 KG
We offer discounted price rates for higher quantities purchased.
For a formal price quotation please email us at

Lead Time

On average 2 – 7 weeks, depending on order quantity and our current orders pending.
Orders are placed after receipt of full or down payment.

Shipment Options

We sell in all shipment terms (Exworks, FOB, CFR, CIF)

Price List

For the complete price list, please contact us directly at

Payment Terms

For orders above 1 MT, 100% advance full payment, paid 10 days prior to shipment pick-up or delivery.
For orders above 1 MT up to FCL, 50% down payment; balance paid 10 days prior to shipment pick-up or delivery.
Preferred method of payment is Wire Transfer or T/T

Product Sample

Minimum product samples can be provided free of charge with shipment cost.
Larger than sample quantity can be purchased at minimum price.
Sample shipment options:
Collect: If you have a customer account with a preferred courier service, we can arrange a collect shipment.
Realsa’s provider: We can quote you a competitive shipment price provided by our preferred courier service. The amount can be reimbursed via T/T or PayPal transfer, payable to

Order Procedures

All orders should be in written, either by fax or e-mail.
Orders sent to our company shall be considered valid, if we have confirmed in return in written.

Custom-designed Packaging (OEM Packaging)

Yes, we can make and welcome any kinds of custom-designed packaging (OEM Packaging). Please read this page about OEM Packaging procedure.

Quality Control

We have been working with first class international buyers around the world and we are perfectly aware of the habits and customs practice on this matter.
As it is on our best interest to keep you secured in dealing business with us, we can assure you that we are applying strict control on quality.

Pick-up Address & Contact

Central Java UMKM Center Building
Jl. Setiabudi No. 192 – Semarang City
Central Java, Indonesia

Warehouse Contact Person:
Nanang Budi (Operations)

Port of Shipment: Tanjung Priok, Jakarta


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